Joshua Hill

These tight knit brothers field two Crate Sprint cars fighting for their chance to win a feature race. They are a hilarious and lovable duo that struggle to compete each week with little resources.


Joshua had a very eventful sophomore crate sprint season and showed incredible improvement in 2021, but he’s still on the hunt for a win in 2022. Before the pandemic shut down Ohsweken Speedway for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, Joshua was looking forward to securing his first win. Instead, 2020 served up COVID-19 and he stacked up money he would have normally spent on racing and got himself a new companion, a shar pei dog named Stanley. Behind the scenes in 2019, Joshua’s personal life was changing considerably but he did not share any of that. Despite very difficult personal circumstances, Joshua showed up every Friday to race, as though it was a therapy of sorts. Having saved a lot of money during the pandemic, Joshua raced alongside his brother Matthew at tracks around Ontario as part of the Action Sprint Tour. In 2021, both brothers improved but by the end of their seasons neither of them had won an A Main. As a driver entrenched in his community and with an eye on serving the greater community, Joshua is sure to take up a cause, promote an effort or share in his own good fortune like he did so many times in our first two seasons. He and Matt lost a close family member whom Joshua emotionally memorialized on his car with the #99 and had a run of really great finishes.


Matthew wants a win too, but he will easily admit that he’s at the track for the fun. He just loves talking to everyone, lending a hand, borrowing tools, bumming some gear lube…whatever takes him out of his pit and into social times with fellow racers, that’s all that matters! But he would like to show better in 2022 after a lacklustre 2021 season that was marred with fear and anxiety over previous crashes and injuries.

  • Team Name: Hill Bros Racing
  • Car Number: #99
  • Vehicle Class: Crate Sprint
  • Racer Age: 33

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