Allan Downey

Allan Downey burst on to the racing scene in 2019 at Ohsweken Speedway but didn’t win a crate feature until the 2020 pandemic season at Merritville. He won again at Humberstone speedway in 2020 while being filmed for Friday Night Thunder, Season 2, making him the first cast member on the show to win a race in 26 episodes. Allan races with the help of his wife/team owner, Aimee Malyk who lights up the screen with her enthusiasm and passion for the sport, all with her new baby in tow. Allan holds a PhD in History and is a professor at McMaster University in History and Indigenous Studies. Allan placed second in the Action Sprint Tour and he was very close to winning the championship. After losing his dad in 2020, Allan is feeling down about racing without him and is questioning whether he will return to racing in 2022 but we hope he will because he brings a lot of excitement and anticipation to the oval.

  • Team Name: Malyk-Downey Racing (MDR)
  • Car Number: 19D
  • Vehicle Class: Crate
  • Racer Age:

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