Glenn Styres

Glenn Styres, also known as The Ohsweken Flyer, #0, is the track owner, multiple-time promoter of the year and self-made business magnate. He is also arguably the winningest and most thrilling driver of Ohsweken Speedway history. But in 2019, Glenn took a break from racing. And he did not like it. In fact, Glenn sat in the stands, week after week, cheering on all the Glenn Styres Racing team members with a brave face, but he was anything but thrilled. Through it all, Glenn was secretly going through some personal misery from the sidelines. So he got back into it, against the advice of doctors, family and friends. He got a brand new car together for the final race of the season at the 2019 Canadian Sprint Car Nationals. The car didn’t perform well, but Glenn appeared to be ten feet taller. It was exactly the release Glenn needed and it showed him that being in the car is embedded in his DNA. Glenn needs to drive. And Glenn needs to win. So after COVID-19 derailed the entire 2020 and 2021 seasons at Ohsweken Speedway, Glenn decided to make the most of that time. He sunk millions into his race track, making it safer, adding VIP suites and more facilities. He expanded the campgrounds and parking areas around the track and set up some new business, like an auto parts shop.

Glenn has been working out and eating right and he’s ready to race. He has a new crew chief and they’ll be celebrating their 20th anniversary, which was postponed due to the pandemic. He has also been inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame 2022 and will be showing us all season long why he is so deserving of the honour through the huge events and spectacular racing shows he has planned for all of his returning drivers and fans.

Glenn might be the businessman who has it all, but there’s one thing Glenn feels incomplete without and that’s racing. So he’ll be at the Chili Bowl this year in Tulsa, duking it out with some of the best and getting in shape for a winning 2022 season at Ohsweken Speedway. Glenn is not out due to retirement and he won’t be until he decides it is time to do so. Until then, he has some races to win, and he plans on doing just that. So buckle in, 2022 with Glenn Styres is going to be a wild ride!

  • Team Name: GSR (Glenn Styres Racing)
  • Car Number: #0
  • Vehicle Class: 360 Sprint
  • Racer Age: 55

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