Alex Hill

Alex Hill, 21, is a student at California State University and is the first Indigenous woman to compete in the American Sprint Car Series tour. She is also only the fourth woman in the 26-year history of the ASCS to complete the tour. She has won several races and has competed among some of the best in the sport but she had some very difficult crashes in her 2018 season, resulting in some hesitant and shaky performances in 2019. While she seemed to be up against a lot of car troubles in 2019, it was her confidence that was her biggest challenge. She showed well at a couple races, specifically at the Summer Nationals at Ohsweken, where she passed 8 cars to take second in her heat race. For that race she garnered the Hard Charger award, but she failed to capture a checkered flag in a feature race in 2019. According to Alex, she “got her lady balls back” in 2019 after shaking down her car and herself for the whole season. She didn’t manage a win on the tour in 2021 but she did place in the top five a couple of times in feature races, won a few heats and ended the season in the top 10 of the ASCS. But this hyear, we will find out if Alex  is going to continue to drive in the American Sprint Car Series. Her father and team owner, Miles Hill, who finances Alex’s racing program, has said he supports any decision Alex will make. Racing has been a foundation of Alex’s relationship with her dad for many years and that is the only thing keeping Alex from leaving the tour, although she has expressed interest in racing locally, so it will be a very nice surprise for local audiences and our viewers if the hometown girl decides to come back to her home track and make all the boys cry again!

  • Team Name: Hill's Racing
  • Car Number: #77x
  • Vehicle Class: 360 Sprint
  • Racer Age: 19

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